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MiTravel Testcenter at Zurich Airport

With MiTravel, we are present with our own test center at Zurich Airport where we offer COVID-19 PCR and Antigen Tests.

Currently, travelers may only enter certain countries if they have a negative COVID-19 test. The requirements for the type of test vary from country to country. Therefore, you should find out in advance which test you need and how long it may be in the past. Information on this can be provided by the airlines and by the consulate responsible for the respective country.

Depending on the document you use to identify yourself when travelling (ID card or passport), corresponding information will also be noted on the test result. As a result, travelers should have their identification document stated on the test result with them at all times for comparison. The exam result can be given in English at any time. Please inform us ahead of time if you need the test in a language other than English.

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Get your Covid-19 test at Zurich airport

How to purchase the test and book the appointment?

There are two different options to access this service:
  • Through our hotline +41 840 005 800
  • Directly through the link “Book your appointment now”

Who is this for?

With our COVID-19 test service we strive to make testing easier for travellers and tourists who may need to provide negative test results at their destination airport, or who may quarantine for a period of time if the test is not presented.

In any case our is available to all types of passengers and tourists (arrivals and departures), accompanying persons, flight crew and on land staff, airport workers.

Certain airports have implemented policies prohibiting travelers and visitors from traveling without a boarding permit. Please check with your airport to see whether these limitations apply.

We would like to remind you that you will only be allowed to stay at the airport for as long as it is absolutely required to complete the test.

Available tests


Everything you need to know about our offers at Zurich Airport can be found here:
Can I get tested at the MiTravel Test Center if I am not flying?

Yes. At our center, everyone can get tested.

In which language is the test result available?

PCR Test
The test result is available in German and English.

Rapid Test
A confirmation can be issued in German and English.

How much does a test cost?

Find all information here

How long does it take till I get the result?


Max. 24h


1h Emergency

4h Express

Rapid Antigen Test

Max. 30 min

How can I pay?

Accepted payment methods: VISA, Mastercard, Twint, Maestro. No postcard and no cash.

Where is the laboratory located?

Our laboratory partner is DiAMiSANTO GmbH based in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

What do I need to bring to get tested?

Your passport / identification Card (ID) is required to complete your registration.

Is a corona test, which I need to enter a country, covered by the health insurance?

According to the current directives of the FOPH, testing on request is not covered by health insurance (01.01.2023).